Policy-Compliant Lead Free Fittings and Potable Water Installations

Policy-compliant lead free fittings are one of the most important components to add to water distribution systems to ensure that communities have access to safe drinking water. In a recent study conducted in Harford County by the Maryland Geological Survey in cooperation with the Harford County Health Department, it was established that lead concentrations in the local well water were at safe levels. The following excerpt provides more information:

“Three water samples at different points in the distribution system were tested for lead in the 80 homes within the study area. Water distribution system refers to those parts of any system that transports water from a source ─ in this case groundwater ─ to the consumer and can include plumbing fixtures, adapters, pipe fittings and other parts. As water passes through the distribution system, its quality can be affected by chemical reactions and biological processes that can cause the release of metals into the water with undesirable aesthetic and health effects.

Findings indicate that 93 percent of homes tested came in at safe levels, defined by the EPA as less than or equal to 15 micrograms of lead per liter of water. The tests also found that in the remaining 7 percent of households, the higher levels were associated with water distribution systems and not geological sources.”

The fact that 7 percent of the homes tested had unsafe levels just goes to demonstrate the importance of obtaining policy-compliant and durable lead free brass fittings from renowned suppliers like Gruner Brass Fittings Corp. The latest mandate from the Safe Drinking Water Act, known as Public Law 111-380, states that brass products that contain more than 0.25 percent lead are prohibited in potable water installations.

The latest amendment was rolled out on January 4, 2014, which means that sourcing and installing non-compliant products could lead to grave consequences for plumbing contractors, such as costly fines, loss of licenses, and other negative consequences. By choosing to source supplies from compliant manufacturers, homeowners are assured safe drinking water, and plumbing contractors can continue to deliver reputable services.

(Source: Report Reveals Majority of Harford County Well Water at Safe Lead Levels; Maryland.gov; November 18, 2013)