Keep Your Water in Your Pipes and Out of the Foundation With High Quality Valves and Fittings

valves and fittingsWater damage is one of the more common problems that plagues man-made structures, as well as one of the most harmful. Once water has dampened the wood or rusted the metal supports in a building, the damage is done and the repairs will be costly. This makes using high quality valves and fittings extremely important.

The discovery of leakage does not often come as a shock to most people, considering even an average residence loses up to 22 gallons of water each day. However, that number is much greater when dealing with commercial property. A single leak may not appear to be dispensing a large amount of liquid but when amplified with however many more leaks are present in a building’s structure, they could over time amass to dangerous levels of moisture.

Regardless of a pipe’s size, a 1/8-inch crack can spill up to 250 gallons of water a day. That much fluid can easily lead to flooding, a better chance of mold, and worst of all major structural damage.

Before cracking becomes an issue, a lot of leakage can originate from poor connections. Sufficient valves and fittings can prevent water from spilling out through the threading that links pipes together. When manufactured correctly, brass fittings can create a strong and reliable seal between channels.

For tighter areas where soldering may not be a safe option, compression fittings can conjoin two pipes — even those made from two different materials — to make a watertight connection. When liquid can’t escape through the couplings, there’s a much smaller chance it could effect the rest of the lines through erosion and rusting.

Using sturdy and reliable valves and fittings is one of the most important factors in plumbing. However, without care and regular maintenance there is no guarantee that leakage will not occur. Routinely checking your water pressure and keeping the surrounding areas above 55 degrees Fahrenheit in order to prevent freezing, can make a lasting difference in the efficiency of your pipes.