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Gruner Brass: Leading Provider of Bronze Pipe Fittings

If you are looking for the best source of high quality bronze pipe fittings, Gruner Brass has a large inventory to meet all of your piping needs. You will find that we provide prompt service, superior quality, and competitive pricing for all of our products.

We use only top-grade materials in making our products, so you are assured of high-quality results for every industrial application. We also run a stringent manufacturing process to provide you with bronze and brass pipe fittings that are long-lasting. Over time, this will translate to numerous benefits for you and your company, such as cost savings and improved production time.

If you don’t see a stock part that meets your requirement in our catalog, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 718-495-5820. We can look at your sample fitting or part drawing, and manufacture any part you need to your specifications. We aim to be your one-stop resource for custom fittings and we will be more than happy to take your call.

We have been supplying and manufacturing bronze fittings for over 30 years. Through our hard work and dedication to providing the best products and service available, we have established a reputation for being rock solid in meeting our customers’ needs. You can count on us to take your order seriously and deliver what you need whenever you need it.

Available Fittings

Our bronze piping products are made using the best grade bronze and can be used in most industrial and residential applications. They are also very resistant to corrosion and metal fatigue, and are suitable for water, steam, gas, oil, and air service.

We stock a full line of different types of bronze pipe fittings available in many different sizes and dimensions including:

  • 125 lb bronze pipe elbow
  • Reducing elbow
  • 125 lb bronze pipe tee
  • Reducing tee
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Cross
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Coupling
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Union
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Cap
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Cored Plug
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Bushing
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Street Elbow
  • 125 Lb Bronze Pipe Coupling
  • Reducing Coupling
  • 125 Lb 45-degree Bronze Street Elbow

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We are a global supplier and manufacturer of needle valves, tube fittings, brass lavatory supplies and other products. By filling out our user-friendly online registration form, you will be able to enter your orders more efficiently and respond to your request more quickly. Alternatively, call us at 1-718-495-5820 or our toll-free line at 800-579-7209.

You are assured that all of our products are always in stock, so you don’t need to wait for us to manufacture the parts you need before we can send them to you. We also pride ourselves in our speedy delivery process, completing the pleasant experience of doing business with Gruner Brass. We look forward to serving you!