Prevent Leaky Pipes From Draining Your Wallet With Proper Brass Pipe Fittings

brass pipe fittingsWhether taking a shower, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth, we all use running water constantly throughout the day. The utilities costs from so much usage are high enough on their own without having to worry about extra water lost through leaky pipes.

Unfortunately, in an average residence leakage accounts for 22 gallons of water lost everyday. It’s difficult to avoid these problems considering the majority of pipes or valves and fittings are located in areas out of direct sight. Checking the utilities bill may be the safest and quickest way to determine if there is a problem.

However, the hidden cost of leakage comes in the form of water damage. Insufficient brass pipe fittings could allow liquid to seep into materials in the foundation and in some cases even threaten the structural integrity of a building.

When the problem evolves from leaky brass fittings to full on breaches in the pipelines, the danger of serious damage is highly amplified. Even an 1/8th crack in a pipe can eject up to 250 gallons of water in a day; leading to inevitable flooding, structural damage, and mold.

To avoid rusting that may cause larger cracks in the future, proper brass pipe fittings can stop the initial leakage that erodes the pipes. It’s also important to compensate for environmental factors that could affect the pipes and compression fittings. In the cold months of the year, water can easily freeze and expand beyond the capacity of the piping. In order to combat freezing, surrounding temperatures should be set to around 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius) or higher.

If any of these problems do arise it’s extremely important to act quickly and find experienced workers who can reinforce the plumbing. With the constant spewing of water flowing through leaks and cracks everyday, the accumulation of water damage can take effect far before it’s openly visible. Sufficient brass pipe fittings can help prevent serious damage as well as sizable amounts of expenses.