Stop Washing Money Down the Drain With Reliable Brass Fittings Manufacturers

brass fittings manufacturerThe average cost of utilities for a house is already so high that any unnecessary added charges can be infuriating. Water in particular is something that every home uses all day everyday. In some cases, water could essentially be running through the home at any given time of the day. Unfortunately, plumbing leaks in homes are all too common.

The average residence will lose up to 22 gallons of water every day simply due to leakage. After a few weeks or even months, this can add up to substantial amounts of money lost. The main cause of leaks in pipes is most often the result of broken or faulty pipes and fittings from brass fittings manufacturers.

The frequency of leaks can be significantly amplified during cold winter months. If the brass pipe fittings are not sealed correctly, the cold air can begin to freeze the water inside of the pipes. As the frozen water expands, it can compromise the structural integrity of the pipe and lead to serious cracks and damage.

Once water seepage has accelerated from a leak to a full on crack, the risk of serious damage skyrockets. One single eighth of an inch crack in a pipe can spew up to a whopping 250 gallons of a water a day. This much water can lead to flooding, serious structural damage, and even the immediate potential for mold. If enormous water bills weren’t enough of a worry, mold that can cause serious respiratory issues and illnesses should just about do it.

One of the more difficult parts about maintaining the integrity of pipes is how easy it is to overlook leaks considering that most pipes are not within eyesight. In order to keep a look out for any unusually high water consumption, comparing usage from water bills can be an effective tool. A decent rule of thumb to follow is that if a family of four has a serious leak problem, their winter water usage will likely exceed 12,000 gallons per month.

While there are countless problems that can occur within pipes, ensuring that the lead free brass fittings manufacturer you get your products from are reliable and make good quality parts could make a world of difference. Not only are the right materials important, the process in which they are manufactured can be detrimental to the structural integrity.

With a trustworthy brass fittings manufacturer and some regular maintenance, you could end up saving plenty of money on water bills that you wouldn’t have even known you were losing.