You Can’t Wash Your Car Without Proper Garden Hose Brass Fittings

A garden hose has other important uses other than maintaining your greens. Many homeowners find some use for them even in the winter, taking them out on milder days to wash down their cars of the salty slush. Joan Kostiuk even recommends simply using a garden hose as an alternative to going to the car wash when car gets “too salty”:

Wearing a pair of waterproof gloves, begin by spraying down your vehicle using a garden hose equipped with a high-pressure nozzle, moving from top to bottom. Be sure to get as much mud and muck from beneath the wheel wells, under the bumpers, behind the fenders and in any other areas prone to salty slush splashes.

You might want to fit your hose with a sprayer because this attachment can direct water to specific areas on your car and reduce the damage otherwise caused by excess water pressure on the surface. However, a sprayer shouldn’t be used for general washing purposes as specific subtypes are designed for different surfaces and functions. Using the wrong attachment can cause unwanted damage and inefficient cleaning due to uneven spray.

For best results, look for quality brass garden hose fittings from industry leaders and brass fixtures manufacturers, such as Gruner Brass Fittings. If your water outlet is out of reach from your garage, you might want to get a single connector fitting in which you can join two garden hoses together. A quick connect fitting can also be used for the same purpose although you’d want to make sure that it’s firmly attached to your water outlet so that it does not get dislodged easily.

You may also want to have an angle connector if you want to wash the underside or the roof of your car without exerting too much physical effort. Don’t forget to buy a hose barb and clamp which you’ll need to be able to store away your garden hose after use.

Keep in mind that some fittings may be difficult to attach or detach, while others may not be recommended for prolonged use. Always inquire about these things before you make a purchase so that you can enjoy these trusty water hoses all year round.

(Article Information and Image from How to protect your vehicle against road salt damage, Shore News Today, December 12, 2013)