What to Do When Doing DIY Plumbing: Tips on Installing Brass Fittings

In general, plumbing installation and repair of pipes can be quite a complicated task, best left to professional plumbers.  However, there are a few things you can do yourself if you want to save, one of them is by buying quality brass fittings from suppliers like the Gruner Brass Fittings Corp. and installing them yourselves.

Check Compatibility

When looking for brass compression fittings, make sure that the products you are buying are compatible with the temperature, application pressure, flow pressure, and the process fluid of your plumbing system. Moreover, check to see that the fittings aren’t corroded, contaminated, or chipped by the time you begin installing them.

Cleaning the Tubes

According to DoItYourself.com, you should make sure that your fittings are cleaned thoroughly before installing them:

Wash the tubes in running water and let them dry before proceeding with installation. This is an absolute must, as this helps to prevent leakage. Brass compression fittings must always be used with pipe connections that are stationary and are permanent.

Nuts and Rings

Your brass compression fittings should have nuts and rings that will have to be attached to the ends of the brass tubes before you can install them. These components have to be set up at least two inches from the end of the tubes, and in a way that they fit the pipes well. Make sure that the rings are properly tightened around the nut, but don’t overdo the tightening.

Sealing and Leak Checks

After installation, it’s important to check your work for potential leaks; remember to have the threads sealed properly while installing the brass fittings so that you don’t have to disassemble the whole thing should you find any defects. Keeping the fittings too loose or tight might also cause leakage or internal damage that might necessitate doing it all over again with new fittings.

A dependable brass fitting, when installed properly, will allow you to enjoy your DIY effort for a longer time, and be assured you need not have to call a plumber too soon for repairs. If, however, you aren’t confident that you can pull it off, don’t hesitate to call on a professional plumber and have them do the job instead.

(Article Information and Image from 6 Brass Compression Fittings Installation Tips, DoItYourself)