Using Custom Brass Fittings to Add More Points to Engine Performance

If you’re working on a tuned car as your side project, you would attend to its every detail to upgrade your vehicle’s performance level. As Aaron Bonk of Super Street Magazine reports, some aspects of the system should be given a closer look:

“Chances are, you’ve in some way meddled with any of your car’s fluid systems and, chances are, all of that’s led you to the home improvement warehouse’s plumbing aisle in search of enlightenment. At first, it all seems like a very good idea: like plumbing underneath a bathroom sink, your hatchback’s fuel, cooling and oiling systems simply displace fluid from one place to the next. Any differences between the two seem inconsequential but, as it turns out, they really aren’t.

For one thing, your toilet isn’t exposed to corrosive, 200-degree Fahrenheit fluids. At least we hope it isn’t. And unless your throne is something special, it stays put. Neither can be said of [whatever is] flowing through your engine right now.”

The maintenance of your car’s fluid systems is vital to its overall performance. All connections should be tightly sealed, and a trickle flowing out could lead to undesirable consequences. However, if your tuner car project requires new piping grids and new connectors, consider ordering supplies from brass fittings manufacturers like Gruner Brass Fittings Corp.

Doing the engine tuning on your car involves extensive mapping of all systems to determine the types of fittings and linkage materials you’ll need. Bonk says that while many vehicles use steel-braided hoses, corrosive chemicals may damage them from within, therefore needing a hose with woven-fabric cores for added durability. A hose end will be locked in at one end of the hose.

Connections are everything. A car’s engine has all manner of holes, and a hose end will not accommodate all connections. A brass pipe fittings supplier can provide the right adapters to increase the power of your ride.

(Source: Competition Plumbing Made Easy, Super Street Magazine)