Tips on Splicing a Garden Hose

One of the necessities of any home is a garden hose, which can be used for a variety of different household jobs such as lawn watering and car washing. The longer you have a water hose, the more damage is will incur. Usually, a hose is left out in the weather all of the time, which means it will eventually start to develop cracks and splits. The only way to repair a split or cracked hose is to use a Hose Barb to splice it back together. Here are a few tips on how to splice your garden hose back together after it has experienced damage such as holes and splits.

Preparing the Hose

The first thing that you have to do is prep the hose to be spliced, which means you will need to cut the hose at before and after the split. You can usually do this by using a utility knife with a fresh blade. Make sure you cut it as even and smoothly as you can. After you are done cutting the damaged pieces discard them and go on to your next step. Next, you need to fill a bucket with hot water and liquid dish-washing liquid.

Lubricating and Assembling

After you get the water hot and ready, you need to soak the ends of the two hoses in the solution. This will help to soften the hose, which will make it much easier to work with when you start to splice it together. You need to let the ends sit for about then minutes or so to ensure that it works its magic. Next, you will need to insert the hose barb in the ends of the two hoses and get a few clamps ready to put on.

Finishing Up

After you get the barb firmly inserted into the hoses, you need get the clamps in place to tighten the hose down on the fitting. Depending on the size of the barb, you will need around three or four clamps to get the job done. You need to tighten them enough that the hose is snug to the fitting, to avoid leaks. The tighter you get them, the better they will hold and not leak.

By following these few steps, you will be able to successfully splice your damaged hose. You need to make sure you use quality parts to get the job done right.