Repairing Winter Damage to Hoses with Sturdy Garden Hose Fittings

There seems to be no end to this frigid weather. According to a report from CBS New York, the state recently had to endure another round of snow brought about by a winter storm:

“A winter storm warning went into effect at midnight Tuesday night, and will continue until 6 p.m. Wednesday for virtually the entire Tri-State Area, with the exception of the south shore of Long Island and eastern Suffolk County where a winter weather advisory has been issued.”

If you forgot to drain the water from your garden hose before the snow set in, there’s a good chance that frigid temperatures have damaged your hose, especially in sections that are regularly bent. When this happens, you do not have to immediately replace the hose. You can actually purchase sturdy garden hose fittings and repair the hose yourself.

You should inspect your hose for damaged sections, which can manifest as a bulge or a tear. After you have located it, take a heavy duty cutter to sever the damaged section. Take the removed section to accurately measure the diameter of your hose. Doing so allows you to find the correct size and type of fitting your hose needs.

Once you have purchased a brass hose barb and a few clamps, you can finish repairing your hose by connecting the fittings. When purchasing fittings, you will get what you pay for. Hence, it is best to purchase sturdy fittings from reliable manufacturers like Gruner Brass Fittings Corp., as these last a long time. This is better than buying substandard fittings that constantly need to be replaced.

(Another Round Of Snow, Potentially Dangerous Ice Blows In; CBS New York; February 4, 2014)