Compression Fittings Chrome Plated

Compression Fittings Chrome Plated

To the common consumer, having fittings and other materials plated with chrome is simply a means to make the parts more aesthetically pleasing. Because of this, they easily assume that it’s good to invest in chrome-plated materials and that its sole purpose is to make objects look more reflective and simply “fancier”. However, what most consumers don’t realize is that there are more benefits to using chrome-plated materials apart from being decorative, especially when applied to fittings and pipes.

Gruner Brass chrome plated compression fittings are especially advantageous if you are looking to retrofit your plumbing system and other equipment with fittings that are durable and easy to clean. Apart from being one of the most decorative types of metal plating, chrome also provides the materials it covers with a high level of corrosion resistance, as well as increases its overall surface hardness. Chrome also features a high tolerance to abrasion which makes the chrome-plated materials significantly easier to clean and maintain.

Serving as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of brass compression fittings since 1981, Gruner Brass offers a complete line of chrome plated compression fittings from which to choose. These include several types of compression nuts, unions, elbows, connectors, and more. Similar to what we can do with traditional brass compression fittings, we can custom fabricate the exact chrome plated part you are looking for – if it isn’t already in our catalog – because we possess all the expertise and equipment necessary. We only require you to provide us a part drawing or sample fitting from which we can base the replica.

Ideal for domestic or commercial use, Gruner Brass chrome plated compression fittings are suitable for use on air pressure lines, fluid distribution and air conditioning systems. They can easily go with all types of pipes, including tubes made of copper, stainless steel, and even plastic. All the fittings and other products we offer will prove of be a great investment, providing high quality performance that goes beyond industry standards.

We invite you to view our extensive catalog and find the chrome plated compression fitting you need. If you are looking for a specific type and size that is not available in our catalog, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss how Gruner Brass can custom fabricate the exact chrome plated compression fitting you need.

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