How to Replace the Male End on a Garden Hose

For the most part, garden hoses are subjected to a lot of abuse when not being rolled up after using it. A garden hose is not very expensive to replace, but many homeowners try to save a dollar by repairing the hose that they have rather than buying a new one. In most cases, you can find the parts that you need to fix your garden hose at your local hardware store. The following are a few steps to use when replacing your male Garden Hose Fittings.

Get Rid of the Damaged Fitting

The first thing that you will need to do is to cut off the damaged part of the hose to make way for the new fitting. You can do this by using a sharp utility knife and making the cut just behind where the damaged fitting is. Be sure to cut the hose as straight as you can because this will allow it to fit a low smoother when the time comes to put the new fitting on. After you cut the end off, it is time to start with the installation of the new fitting.

Putting the fitting on

The next step is to put the new male fitting on the hose and you can do so by sliding the end of the fitting into the hose itself. You need to push the end of the hose down as far as you can to ensure for a good seal. The next step is to put on the band clamp, which can be done by using a flat or Phillips head screwdriver. Start tightening the clamp slowly to ensure that it is going on straight and on the fitting. If you notice that the clamp is slid down around the hose, loosen up on it and push it up to the bottom of the metal.

Checking for Leaks

After you get the clamped tightened down on the bottom of the fitting, you need to turn on the water. Turn it on low at first to make sure that there is no water coming out of the new fitting. If there is water coming out, you need to tighten down more on the clamp to see if you can reduce or eliminate the leak. If the water is still leaking, then you need to loosen the clamp and see if you can get it further down in the hose to stop the leak.

By following these steps, you will be able to replace the damage male fitting on your hose. Be sure to only buy quality fittings to use because you will have nothing but problems from low quality parts.