High Quality Brass Valves and Fittings: Durable & Versatile Components

Water is an important resource that is essential to the survival of human communities. As civilizations advanced, new methods of transporting drinking water were created to transport this precious resource to different places. The plumbing system is one such great innovation that facilitates the transport of potable water.

5 BenifitsThe creation of elaborate plumbing systems has made it possible for people to live in otherwise inhospitable places. Moreover, the components that make up the system are just as important as the system itself. A lot of plumbing systems use brass valves and fittings; listed below are some of the reasons why brass pipe fittings are preferred for most industrial and residential applications:


There are different ways of making brass—an already durable alloy—stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Brass can be mixed with aluminum to make it stronger and more corrosion resistant, while mixing brass with tin produces a similar effect. Mixing brass with other alloys and elements conditions it for plumbing work.

The following excerpt from DoItYourself.com gives us more information:

Once installed, brass fittings will retain their good condition for several years. They do not easily crack or disintegrate. When used for hot water distribution brass fittings last longer than other metals. The high resilience and durability of brass fittings also adds to home value.

It is easy to get brass pipe fittings in various shapes and sizes. Brass is also more malleable than other metals, making it ideal for complicated projects.

You can get brass fittings in all sizes, shapes and widths. The fittings can also be used to alter the size of pipes. This makes it easier to undertake plumbing installations according to precise specifications. It goes a long way in enhancing the efficiency of the water delivery system into the home.

Water handling properties
Brass is less corrosive than other metals, especially if the brass is dezincification resistant. Brass is also germicidal and antimicrobial in nature, killing any germs present in the water.

Of all metals, brass fittings are best suited for household hot water distribution. Brass fittings enjoy excellent conductivity which promotes the efficiency of [the] hot water distribution system in the house. They are well known for their remarkable ductility in high temperatures.

Clients can order high quality brass tube fittings from trusted suppliers like Gruner Brass Fittings Corp. These include unions, caps, plugs, bushings, and pipe adapters. These fittings are excellent for joining, polishing, and finishing applications.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 5 Benefits of Brass Plumbing Fittings; DoItYourself.com)