Benefits of Brass Valves and Fittings for the Home’s Plumbing Fixtures

Brass fittings can be found in both old and modern homes, and are used outdoors and indoors.
As home fixtures, they are commonly used on doors, windows, and other plumbing components. The question continues to be asked: Is brass a good material for your home’s plumbing?

An article on Homeguides.sfgate.com explains how brass can, in fact, be an ideal plumbing material as its properties lend easily to soldering to shape varied plumbing parts:

As an alloy of copper and zinc, brass is compatible with copper, and manufacturers produce many common plumbing fittings with the material. Solder adheres as well to brass as it does to copper, so the fittings are usually molded with slip joints so you can solder them to the pipes. It’s easy to solder copper plumbing if you do it right…..if the pipes and fittings are dry……you shouldn’t have any trouble producing a watertight seal.

Brass fittings are preferred choices in households where hot water is used because this metal alloy of copper and zinc is flexible and malleable enough to shape, bend, and mold, while being able to endure high temperatures. Brass fittings also have excellent conductivity, allowing the hot water distribution system to operate more efficiently. Its very malleability and easy handling compared to other metals, also keep installation costs much more affordable.

Unless you are familiar with the distinctions, it’s usually difficult to identify whether your plumbing fixtures are brass or not. Polished brass valves and fittings glints with a solid bright, golden color, but the overlay can sometimes gleam with an antique or darker and browner finish.

Many manufacturers of brass nipple and plumbing accessories like Gruner Brass Fittings Corp., establish themselves as reliable makers and suppliers of high-quality brass nipples and valves of varying types, lengths, and sizes. These companies continue to introduce ever new and efficient tools for plumbing or other necessities to meet most residential and industrial needs.

Brass nipple fittings are durable and last long. When installed in a home, for the most part, they remain in good condition for a long time; hence, they rarely crack or damage easily. Also, brass fittings around the house readily boost a home’s value.

(Article Information and Image from: How to Solder Brass Plumbing Fittings, homeguides.sfgate.com)